Sick and Tired.

I did something today that I don’t think I’ve ever done in 11 years of teaching.

Unprovoked, I called my principal and asked for a sub for tomorrow.

Usually, I power through and drag my sorry self through the day when I’m sick, even when colleagues and students tell me to go home. But this morning when I was barely functional until 11 AM, I knew I had to take a day off.

So in about an hour, I’ll take another dose of cold medicine, make sure my alarms are turned off, go to bed, and sleep in.

This is hard for me–I’m not good at taking time off and tend to feel guilty. But today I don’t. Maybe it’s my old age, or maybe I’m letting go of my ego and finally learning that the school will not fall down without me there.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad it clicked today. I’m hoping the time in bed tomorrow will do what it’s supposed to.

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