It’s That Time of Year

Sore throat. Congestion. Fatigue.

Every December it hits me.

I remember when it hit me almost this exact same time last December, because I dragged myself to the Qwest Center to see Jimmer Fredette and the rest of the BYU basketball team play Creighton. I was miserable, but I went.

I’m really trying to manage it better this time, because I REALLY wanted to run every day between Thanksgiving and New Years. I didn’t run yesterday, and didn’t today either. So I’m hoping Monday will be better and I can pick it back up.

Because after one week, I could already tell it was easier to run. I ran a little faster every time. And it was easier to push myself, too.

So I’m hoping the rest I’m getting this weekend will cure me. Kind of a lame post, so how about I leave you with this Holiday treat? (You can see the whole thing on Netflix Instant Play, if you want more…)

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