I don’t know if I’ve expressed adequate gratitude for technology.

From my MacBook Pro to my iPad to my new iPhone (thanks, Mom and Dad!), what I’m able to do with the technology in my life never ceases to amaze me.

Tonight, as I ran using my Nike+ sensor to track my distance, I listened to the BYU-Wisconsin game with the app.

I still remember 20 years ago, running around a track with Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation cassette tape in my walkman.

My goodness, how far we’ve come.

Technology also lets me take adorable photos of my nieces and nephews and email them to Japan, and it lets me conference with students about their writing at any hour of the day.

(Sometimes that’s not such a good thing…it turns my job into 24 hours a day.)

So, not to get all Napoleon Dynamite on y’all (especially because I hated that movie), but I love technology.

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