If you look to the right of your screen, you can see a count of all the words I’ve written so far this month. And most of the words are actually different.

Every day so far this month, I’ve written between 500 and 2500 words, and every time I shut my laptop, I think, “I can’t write anymore. I have nothing else to say.”

And then I think all day about what I might possibly write about that night, and most every day I get a flash of inspiration about what direction to go. Sometimes it comes to me with effort (i.e. I brainstorm about it), and sometimes it comes to me through conversations with my sister or Stueve.

So today I am grateful for those flashes. They are the only thing getting me to 50,000 words.

One thought on “Flashes

  1. WOOHOO!!!! 32K down, 17400 to go! You see that?! It means you less left to go than you've already done. So proud of you!!

    PS. forgive the grammar…it is late here.

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