I had semi-composed a nice gratitude post about humor today as I was driving from school to piano lessons, and then home. And then I was catching up on some blogs, and one of them had a post that took the wind right outta my sails.

So now I’m sitting here, after writing over 2,000 words for my book, after grading seven research outlines and works cited pages, after watching a horribly romantic episode of Parks and Rec, and I’m feeling anything but grateful.

Writing the book is actually emotionally draining, as I revisit parts of my past that I miss. Grading the outlines is mentally draining, even though for the most part, my AP kids write really well. And watching Parks and Rec–usually a surefire way to crack me up–was also emotionally draining, as I’m staring down the Holiday Trifecta that loves to remind me that I will probably die alone.

Plus I’ve had some kind of stomach bug that hasn’t let me eat much the past two days, so I’m cranky and faint from hunger.

And I have a jam-packed weekend.

Not feeling very grateful right now. But tomorrow is Friday and I get to read Naomi Klein with my AP kiddos and watch Casablanca in Pop Culture Studies. I get to record another week’s vlog with Stueve. I get to go to the chiropractor, and I’m letting myself get take out for dinner.

It’s Friday tomorrow, and I’m grateful for that. So grateful, that I’m going against all I stand for to remind you that this exists. This one’s for you, Stueve:


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