Today I could write about several things I am grateful for, and the fact that have to CHOOSE what I’m grateful for today is itself something to be grateful for.

Instead, I’m going to focus on one.

I am grateful for my chiropractor. I haven’t seen him since December, and I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t been in so long. But my lower back was in quite a bit of pain, and I needed the pain to stop.

This is what I love about chiropractors: they are the only health care providers who don’t make me feel like my pain is in my head. Back hurts? A chiropractor will tell you, “Yep! This is why! Let me fix it!” As opposed to my general practitioner, who tends to tell me, “Hm. I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. Let me run $500 of tests and maybe I’ll figure something out.”

So thanks, Dr. Adam, for starting to fix my back. I’ll see you Monday.

p.s. I wrote a Veteran’s Day post last year, but just to be clear: thanks, Veterans, for everything.

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