One of THOSE days.

I’m not quite sure what to be grateful for today.

The day wasn’t extraordinarily bad, but I’m feeling a lot of guilt. I can’t do everything that I think I need to do, and I can’t prioritize. The to-do list is so long, and the things I’m not doing (spending time with my family, being a more attentive teacher) are all I can focus on.

I feel like this happens every year around this time, and I don’t know how to make it not suck so badly. I can tell that I’m stressed, because I am blitzing through the leftover Halloween candy, and I really am usually the type of person that strictly adheres to serving sizes.

I feel out of sorts, blechy, and in addition to the occasional panic, my lower back is all out of alignment and I’m walking like an 85 year-old woman in the advanced stages of osteoporosis.

So I have to really dig deep on days like these. At this very moment, I’m grateful for the yummy bread cooling on my counter, which I made (with Pillsbury’s help). I had to make the bread because of another thing I’m grateful for: my English department, who is having an Italian potluck tomorrow. I’m grateful for students who made me laugh today and I’m grateful that before I go to bed tonight, I can pray for some kind of focus tomorrow.

And I’m very, very grateful for leftover Halloween candy.

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