Time, Time, Time….

It snowed today, and I wanted to be grateful for it, because my rule on Christmas music is that as soon as it snows, Christmas music is legit for the season. And even though I am a complete Grinch, I love Christmas music.

And then I remembered that this Christmas was supposed to be different.

The boy was going to help me decorate, put up a tree and let me tell him the stories of my ornaments. He was intent on finding a way to make me like Christmas.

And I was looking forward to it…but alas, there I was today, watching giant snowflakes fall, wanting to listen to Christmas music but dreading it as well.

Today, exactly three months ago, was the day he broke up with me…

Instead, today I am grateful for time and healing, that I don’t feel as sad as I did three months ago. And maybe at some point in the next six weeks I’ll find a way to tolerate Christmas…

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