Good Friday.

2nd Hour: Newspaper potluck. Tons of food. Would you like the highlights?

***Biscuits and honey.
***Doritos. (I never buy them because I eat too many at once and get sick. I eat them in moderation when in social settings.)

Yes, one student brought 2 pounds of bacon and we cooked it up in the microwave. It was awesome. I love bacon.

And there were other offerings: brownies, cake, muffins, cookies, and one kid made 8 boxes of Macaroni and Cheese, put it in a crock pot and brought it in.

I love my Newspaper staff.

6th Hour: Student asked if I had cut my hair.

I replied, “It’s actually longer than it’s been in at least a year. I’m thinking of growing it out.”

A different student said, “Oh you should! You could be Nebraska’s Zooey Deschanel!”

Apparently, I look like this:

That is, I look like this…in my dreams…

It was a good Friday, and aside from updating my class websites, I am doing no work. None. Zero-point-zero schoolwork this weekend.

I’m quite excited about this.

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