Declaration of Independence.

I love the digital world.

I love Facebook, my RSS feed, my Twitter accounts, my Gmail accounts, my ebooks, my iPad magazines, my Google Docs, my text messages.

But I’m also still very much bound to a paper world. At this very moment, I have 78 papers, tests, and assignments to grade. Tomorrow, I will receive an additional 27 in-class essays. Friday I will receive another 52 papers–some via Google Docs and some hard copies.

All that grading is making it impossible for me to read the paper copy of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo that I’ve been trying to read.

I read in the hallways as I walk from class to class. Today I skipped lunch with my colleagues so I could grade more essays.

I’m drowning in documents, and the past three weekends, I have worked roughly 16 hours between Saturday and Sunday.

So tonight, tomorrow, and Friday, I will work like a crazy person and whatever isn’t done by 6 PM on Friday just isn’t getting done. It won’t be brought home, it won’t be opened up on my computer.

I’m taking back my weekend.

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