This Week, per The Daily Beast.

Just because I think it’s fun…


Signs show you’ll now make a great escape you’ve been mooning about. For some, it’s an actual journey to enchanted lands. For others, it’s an inner voyage into the realm of your imagination. For many, both.
Nope. Not going anywhere. Except for maybe crazy.

In any case, with Venus and Mercury trining Neptune now, you bid bye-bye to petty distractions, choosing to delve and disseminate your unique perceptions. Be conscious of your observations and take notes.

Your comical summations of experience are particularly potent in creative ventures.
I hate it when people who don’t know me are spot-on in describing my dating life.

Nothing should escape your notice, and every impression is fodder for expression and financial reward.
So…I should give National Novel Writing Month a try?

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