The day before the boy bailed, my friend Katie was in Omaha on her way to Bowling Green. We met for dinner, and I spent the evening gushing about this wonderful man that I was seriously considering giving up my career for.

A week later, she sent me a postcard that ended with “Despite a rocky end to the summer, I think this fall is promising.”

Well, Katie, you were right. It is October 4th, and let’s look at the lineup, shall we?

October 14: I’ve been selected as one of four single adults from my stake to meet with Barbara Thompson, 2nd Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency for our church. Other stakes have also selected four people, but from what I was told, it will be a small group of us.

October 14-15: I am laying an offering on the altar of “Please-Don’t-Let-Me-Die-Alone” and attending a Single Adult Conference here in town. The evening of the 14th I get to hear two people speak who I’ve known my whole life. They are now serving as temple president and matron of the Winter Quarters Temple. The morning of the 15th, Barbara Thompson is speaking.

Then I will scurry over to Creighton, because I learned today that I won free tickets to TEDx Omaha! That event runs from 12-6 PM. Depending on who I saw at the Single Adult conference, I’ll head back over for a dance. Maybe. But I’m not holding my breath.

October 21: A friend from Bowling Green will be in Omaha for a few hours with other MBA students from BYU. They’re going to Winter Quarters, and she invited me to go with her. So excited to see her!

October 31-Nov 4: JEANS WEEK AT SCHOOL! We do a fundraiser for the Nebraska Children’s Fund, and if I pay $2 a day, I can wear jeans. I really am easy to please.

And to kick it all off, tonight I get to go out with my friend Ashley, her husband, and her best friend for Indian food. Ashley doesn’t even like Indian food, but she does like me, so when her husband gets a hankerin’ for a curry, she comes with us for the company.

Throw in a potential iPhone 4S, pumpkin bread, and sweater weather, and I’d say the fall is indeed promising.

Thanks, Katie, for sending good vibes my way.

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