Once upon a time, I dated a friend’s brother. I’m still good friends with her, despite the horrid heartbreak her brother caused. Sometimes I wander down the path of what my life would be like if I had married her brother. I got a glimpse of that tonight.

My friend, on Facebook, asked for music suggestions. She said she’d recently gotten into Adele, so I took that cue and responded with this:

“Love Adele. If you’re feeling a bit snarky/bitter, Lily Allen, Kate Nash. I’ve been totally digging Imagine Dragons (Vegas band by way of Provo). Neon Trees. Also love Girl Talk, though not for faint of heart. Lots of naughty words, but excellent to run to and good for angry times. :)”

And quickly added:

“Oh! Mumford and Sons. And The Black Keys!”

And her brother wrote, right after that:


And I was immediately grateful that her brother and I were not a couple. If he’s recommending Train to people, it’s clear I’d have had to make significant musical sacrifices, and I’m not sure I’m willing to do that.

He used to read this blog occasionally, but as far as I can tell, hasn’t in a while. If he’s masking his IP address, and still lurks from time to time, well, kiddo, thanks for breaking up with me lo these many years. I like my quirky, non-main stream music.

**While I don’t begrudge anyone any musical preference, I do tend to make some judgments on personality traits based on musical choices. And Train? They are the vanilla ice cream to the Bavarian Espresso Chocolate Chunk that is the Black Keys.

2 thoughts on “Hindsight.

  1. Hey, Soul Sister!! Play that Mister Mister on the radio.. I love me some Train. Not as much as I love other stuff, but still. I do own their recent release… I hope you can still love me. 🙂

  2. Bahahahaha Jennie!

    Julie…you into OK Go yet? For a good angry song, youtube “Get Over It”. I love pretty much every song of theirs on youtube. And my almost 4 year old daughter has a crush on Damian, the lead singer. (not the one with the glasses that lip synchs in the videos…that is a funny bit o' band history.)

    Oh, and back to you. Love this post. And love your impeccable taste in music.

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