Every now and then, I will read my horoscope for fun. But the past three weeks, The Daily Beast’s horoscope has been eerily accurate. Here is what it says for this week, my observations in bold:


Expect a week of learning and honing talents via exposure to external, and some exotic, influences.
I started writing a book this week, floated a couple of pages to Stueve, who promptly read it and gave me valuable feedback that I am excited to implement. And if you know Stueve, you know he is exotic.

With the New Libran Moon on Tuesday, adventure is in the air, whetting your Leo appetite, which has recently been lagging.
I read a book today, “31 Dates in 31 Days,” and I’m encouraged to start something similar. Less ambitious, but similar. If you know someone who would like to go on a date, send him my way.

You will embark on a vision quest that refocuses intellectual drives in the coming year. Quick: What is it you most want to learn? Quick! Go on gut instinct. Happiness stems from feeding a curiosity with its roots in your childhood. Likely, it has to do with history of genealogy or mythology or all of the above.
All of this could be easily tied to the content of my book. Especially the mythology piece.

A Venus-Saturn conjunct suggests a happy reunion with family sages or mentors.
Who knows what the week will bring with this–but I do know that I have a movie appointment on Saturday with one of the smartest people I know who is most definitely a mentor, and even though we work in the same building, our schedules are such that I never see her anymore. So I’m looking forward to Saturday.

I really don’t believe much in astrology, but sometimes it does kinda freak me out with how close it is to real life.

Want to read yours?

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