Thoughts at a Funeral

I attended a funeral today. It was a funeral for someone I did not know, but I needed to be there for someone else. I had to park a couple of blocks away and walk to the funeral home, and by the time I arrived, I was panicked and winded.

How many more of these will I attend before it’s one that really, truly, affects me personally? I thought as I approached the front door. I pushed the thought away, went in, and sat down.

I looked around the room and saw many familiar faces. We were each there for different reasons, but our collective presence reminded me of a web. And I thought that I read once that spider webs, though delicate, are actually quite strong. Was I misinformed about that? Because if it’s true, there’s a decent analogy to be made there…

I eventually tuned in to the music that was playing. It was horrifying. Minor keys, not at all soothing, nothing familiar. It sounded like the soundtrack to a 1950s horror movie. I thought, how could ANY funeral director find this music appropriate for a funeral?

I wanted to plug in my iPod, and play this for the family. For the record, I want it played at my funeral. Whether it’s in the viewing room, or played out of a cheesy stereo at the pulpit. Play it.

Translated lyrics:

O Redeemer divine, Our sole hope of salvation,
Eternal light of the earth and the sky,
we kneel in adoration,
O Savior, turn on us your loving eye.
Send down on us the fire of your grace, all consuming,
whose wondrous might dispersed the powers of hell,
and wake our slumbering souls with radiance all-illuming,
that they may waken thy mercy to tell
O Christ bestow your blessing on us, we implore Thee,
who are gathered here on penitent knee,
Accept the hymns we chant to thy everlasting glory
and these thy gifts we return unto thee.

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