Labor Day

I know that Labor Day is supposed to be a day off, but it won’t be for me–and I”m sure it won’t be for many other teachers across the country.

Not that the New York Times or Fox News drives through school parking lots, begging to ask those teachers why they work on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays…

That’s not to say that I’m finding ways to relax–I’m running my first-ever 5K, attending a family BBQ, binging on the NCIS marathon on USA–but eventually I will be in my classroom, setting sub plans for Tuesday, putting in copies for the week, planning lessons, and tackling the mounds of grading I’ve already managed to suffocate beneath.

It will be a day of labor, but by the end of it, I hope to feel invigorated and ready for a busy week.

Here’s Week 3 of our Adventures in Vlogging:

First Year: Week #3 from AE Stueve on Vimeo.

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