What I Should Be Doing.

1. Practicing the piano. I feel like I’ve completely let down the choir teacher at school, as his accompanist has been gone these first three weeks of school. I told him I would stop by and play occasionally, but the music is crazy hard and I have limitations on what I am actually able to play.

2. Reading a book. I don’t do this nearly enough. It’s way easier to medicate with TV. And NCIS reruns on USA is my drug of choice.

3. Running. Exactly one week from today, I am “running” my first 5K. I write it as “running” because it will actually be more of me shuffling along like a geriatric hip-replacement candidate with my friend Angie at my side telling me not to give up. I am aiming to finish it in an hour. I expect to be passed by actual geriatric hip-replacement recipients.

4. Grading papers. I actually will get to this once I finish writing this post. I have to, because I don’t want them to pile up more than they already have.

5. Writing. Technically, I am writing. But I mean, I should be REALLY writing. Like, 3,000 words a day kind of writing. Even if it’s bad. But I am just as bad as my students, and I start to self-censor as I write, telling myself it’s all garbage and I should just give up.

So on to the grading…

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