He Will Listen….

If you’d like, scroll down, click play, and listen to the song while you read. Or, if you’re like me and can’t listen to music and read at the same time, wait.

Tuesday, before the boy called and told me I could no longer be part of his life, I knew something was wrong. I felt it all day. And I was distraught. I knew the only thing that would make me feel peace and comfort was a blessing from my dad. So I met him at his office at the church and he gave me a blessing. I don’t remember much of what was said, but I do remember him telling me that I was not alone. When I left my dad’s office, I felt better. And when the boy called and started to tell me his reasons for leaving, even though I was monumentally sad, I was–strangely–at peace. And in the days since, I haven’t, not for a second, felt alone.

Part of that is my amazing friends–in Nebraska, Utah, Ohio–who have been ever-present. And part of it is that when I start to feel like the sadness is just too much, I pray. The sadness doesn’t disappear, but peace fills my heart. I don’t know yet when I will feel back to normal (whatever normal is), but I at least feel peace amid the sadness.

I was thinking of this song today because of its message. Somewhat ironic that the boy and I both like Nickel Creek very much. In fact, he told me he had never met anyone else who even knew Nickel Creek. Just one of many things we shared in common…

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