Luck? Skill?

In my earlier years, I remember having a lot of friend drama. I think that’s why, when I turned 12, I finally realized there was much less drama being friends with boys. They never woke up one morning and decided to not be friends with me, and often with my girl friends, that’s exactly how it felt. And every time girl drama would erupt, my parents would give me a different version of the “you have to be the kind of friend you want to have” speech. Which was problematic for me, because I thought I WAS being a good friend.

I still have some really great guy friends–some of the men on the faculty at school are like brothers to me–but I’m more amazed lately at the women in my life who have proven to be good friends. And maybe I have finally figured out how to be a good friend, so I am reaping the benefits of that in some fantastic friendships. Maybe some of it is luck and timing.

I thought about luck and timing tonight, as I dined with two dear friends from grad school. One lives in town, and we never make time for each other (but we’ve committed to changing that posthaste), and the other was driving through on her way back to Bowling Green. We had a lovely dinner and great conversation, and I took a moment and marveled at it all–the timing of all of us applying to grad school, to the same program, overlapping enough to form solid friendships.

Whatever it is, luck or skill, I don’t much care, so long as I keep getting to have pleasant evenings with funny and intelligent people who make me feel so loved.

Tonight I really did feel like the luckiest girl alive.

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