Birthday Weekend

The actual day of my birth is drawing to a close, and it was as uneventful as I predicted. But that’s okay.

Last night, my mom made me dinner. She called earlier in the day to ask what I wanted, and I just didn’t have much of an appetite. But for me, potatoes in any form is always a good idea. So I asked for Potato Casserole, aka Funeral Potatoes. The rest was up to her. She added green beans and…


Just a plate of bacon.

It was awesome.

And since we had cake with the whole crew last Monday, we just had ice cream for dessert, and Jennie gave me an iTunes gift card and a package of naan. Mmmmmmm, naan.

It was the first birthday in recent memory that I did not have a full-on emotional meltdown at some point, and no one had to physically pry me from my bed, so that counts as success in my book.

Maybe some day I’ll be able to tell the story of how this birthday was actually the best I’ve had in at least ten years, but unfortunately, that story has to wait. Sorry to be a tease, but you never know when that story might pop up here on the ol’ blog, so I guess you’ll just have to check it at least once a month or so…

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