Writer’s Block

It creeps up on me, and tends to know when I actually need to be writing. It wraps its slimy fingers around my left temporal lobe and squeezes my knowledge of syntax, vocabulary, and storytelling into a lumpy pile, much like a two year-old with a tube of toothpaste.

See what I mean? Did you READ that simile? Ugh.

It doesn’t help that I’m in the middle of summer. June was busy, and the newness of no routine was invigorating, as it is every year. But July is just hard for me. The lack of routine catches up with me, and motivation is absent. I dread my birthday. And by the end of July, I have to gear up for school, so the lesson planning, cleaning, and re-establishment of routine reminds me that my days of sleeping in are over.

So I apologize for the lousy blogging as of late. I know I’ll get my groove back eventually, even if I have to write (and not publish) pieces laden with clichés and gross similes to get there.


  1. I'm doing this thing right now with my writing that helps immensely. Remind me to tell you about it next time we meet. It's awesome.



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