Another Relay

I was part of Relay for Life for the second time, and I learned some lessons two years ago that made last night/this morning so much easier.

1. Healthy snacks. I brought pretzels, bananas, string cheese, veggies, and rice cakes. Much better fuel than chips and sweets that we all brought the first year.

2. Take breaks. I walked intermittently as my family showed up–a mile with my brother-in-law and niece, half a mile with my dad, quarter of a mile with my nephew–and then I walked for an hour by myself from 12-1 AM and again from 3-4 AM. The breaks saved me this year.

3. I should keep up the running training. Walking at a glacially slow pace, I was able to cover 2.5 miles in an hour. And I was super slow. So if I can walk at a ridiculously slow pace in the middle of the night for 2.5 miles, I should be able to run a 5K no problem, and work up to a 10K. Total mileage for the night was 8.5 miles.

4. Advil is your friend. Rather than waiting until 6 AM to take any Advil, I started popping it after my first shift ended at 1 AM. Best thing I did all night.

And this isn’t a new lesson, but it was still a good reminder: good friends make all the difference in the world. Only three of us stayed all night, and we took turns walking. By 4 AM we were a little punchy and giggly, but the delirium helped us tear down our camp, haul our gear to our cars, and I really feel okay right now. Though I might require another nap before choir rehearsal…

It was a successful event, and once again, I was filled with gratitude for all that the American Cancer Society does.

My parents stayed for the luminaria ceremony this year, and they watched the names scroll on a big screen. My dad commented how sobering it was to see all those names, and how many lives were impacted and lost.

I told him, as I squeezed his hand, “But some of those people are still here.”

2 thoughts on “Another Relay

  1. Thanks for letting us be a part of this. We are so proud of you and love you so much. It was so worth staying later than we had planned.

  2. Relay for Life was one of our favorite things in BG…one of the things that is so much better than it is in Utah. It was always a ton of prep work for Kaylene (team leader) but so much fun and such great memories. (Was your shirt as cute as hers?)

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