Exactly 20 years ago today, I put on a green flatboard hat, a green and yellow tassel, a green gown, and headed to graduation with my boyfriend Chad. At the time, the plan was to study music at BYU, get married (college degree optional), and have six kids.

Of those three goals, I only really did one of them…kinda sorta studied music at BYU until I changed majors. But look at what I have done in the past 20 years:

  • Escaped an abusive relationship
  • Served a mission for my church in Montreal
  • Graduated from college
  • Survived a near-death car accident
  • Taught over a thousand kids
  • Advised an award-winning newspaper
  • Coached state champion speech kids–and national qualifiers
  • Earned a master’s degree in a specialty area I love
  • Drove cross-country multiple times
  • Held newborn nieces and nephews
  • Attended concerts of favorite artists
  • Been in love
  • Been published
I wish I could go back 20 years ago today and tell that 17 year-old girl how her life would be nothing like she imagined. And that even though she would feel lonely at times and suffer trials, that she was going to do some amazing things with her life. I can’t believe that 17 year-old was so limited in what she wanted from herself. I’m so glad she didn’t fight too hard against what her life became.

3 thoughts on “Twenty.

  1. Oh my God, I was reading through the spring supplement and some student, who shall remain nameless, said that high school was the best time of her life and she wished someone would have told her that as a freshman. There were so many things wrong with that idea that I wanted to cut the statement out. Teenagers really have no concept of what can happen as they grow up.

  2. You forgot a bullet

    *Made awesome friends when I expected to be alone..and influenced those friends for good.


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