Time, Time, Time

I wanted to do a week in review type post, but I can’t remember most of what I did this week.

It is Saturday, and I just got home from a 10 hour day at school. Practice AP test this morning, Pops Concert rehearsal this afternoon. I’m exhausted, and all I can say about this week is that I went to an ed tech conference on Thursday and Friday, and Wednesday night I ran 2.5 miles in 34 minutes.

I meant to go to the gym last night but did not. And I mean to go to the gym tonight, but it is 6:13 and all I really want to do is watch the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and a DVD from Netflix and go to bed early.

Seventeen days of school left…they will fly by. I can’t believe how much has to get done in those days, and every year, I tend to be glad the year is over. The kids are burned out, I’m burned out–these last three weeks are just hard.

But I know I’ll miss them…especially the kids who do things like this when I’m gone for two days in a row: so sweet.

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