Political and Religious II: Electric Boogaloo

Okay, so it’s completely trite to put “Electric Boogaloo” after “II.” I don’t care. This is a follow up to this piece.

Here’s my biggest problem with the Utah GOP accusing the LDS church of erring on the side of mercy rather than justice: isn’t that what we are supposed to practice as followers of Christ?

I’m not advocating an outright removal of justice. As much as I’m a fan of mercy, I’m equally a fan of consequences. But I think the reason why I’m such a fan of consequences is the immediate opportunity to practice mercy.

I have a separate set of issues with The Church publishing an official comment in the first place–I like my church to be church and my politics to be politics. I’ve found a decent way to reconcile the two, but they can’t ever be completely compartmentalized. My faith affects how I teach. It has to. Not that I’m up in my classroom preaching LDS doctrine, but on a more practical level, my beliefs tell me how to act and how to treat others.

I’m not always perfect–I lose my temper with students, and I just told a class this week that my Mercy-Meter is at zero–but I try to model Christ’s example as I deal with colleagues and students.

I wish the more extreme members of the Utah GOP would do the same.

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