Seasons and Change

Today was a melancholy day, and before I share the news, I want to be “back in my right mind” so I can adequately express my simultaneous excitement and fear.

(Don’t get too excited–it’s not a guy, it’s my job.)

But this poem sums up how I’m feeling right now–and I find myself looking more and more for those “moments that should each last forever…”

Another Spring
by Kenneth Rexroth

The seasons revolve and the years change
With no assistance or supervision.
The moon, without taking thought,
Moves in its cycle, full, crescent, and full.

The white moon enters the heart of the river;
The air is drugged with azalea blossoms;
Deep in the night a pine cone falls;
Our campfire dies out in the empty mountains.

The sharp stars flicker in the tremulous branches;
The lake is black, bottomless in the crystalline night;
High in the sky the Northern Crown
Is cut in half by the dim summit of a snow peak.

O heart, heart, so singularly
Intransigent and corruptible,
Here we lie entranced by the starlit water,
And moments that should each last forever

Slide unconsciously by us like water.

One Comment

  1. this is one of those poems that makes me wish i could write poetry. i'm sorry things are going rough for you right now. you are right, there is plenty of opposition to go around. i hope the weekend brings a much needed break and breath of air.



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