Thanks, Guys.

I had prepared for it all week, the letdown that happens after a loss. And I didn’t get to watch the game because I had Parent-Teacher conferences (although in between parent visits I watched ESPN’s GameCast closely, trying not to react).

The game went to overtime just as conferences ended, and by the time I got to the local watering hole, the game was over. My colleagues showered me with condolences, and I ignored the ridiculous ache–it is, after all, just a game–and when I got home, I read a few post-game analysis pieces and went to bed.

I feel for those boys on the BYU basketball team. They played so hard. They left everything on that court in New Orleans. But their season, and the drama that surrounded it, was so much more than basketball.

Jimmer, Jackson, and the boys provided a conversation piece between me and my friends–many who had very little knowledge of LDS lifestyle, culture, and doctrine. And even though I thought Mitt Romney dispelled much confusion over LDS beliefs, memories are often short. I enjoy any opportunity to share what I believe with my friends and colleagues, and for the past few months, I’ve done that often.

I wish so much that last night’s game had ended differently, but BYU basketball was an absolute blast all season.

Thanks, guys.

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