Diabetes Fallout

I found a new optometrist–she is fabulous, Dr. Sarah is. She is friendly and listens and when I told her the whole saga she was determined to treat my eyes and make me better.

It’s been a little over 72 hours since my appointment with Dr. Sarah, and with a rather intense dosing schedule of antibiotic eye drops, artificial tears, and a nightly eye ointment, I am seeing like I used to. Blurriness is gone, double vision is gone, I, my friends, can see the light (and now that light is no longer accompanied by a rather large halo).

But the weekend I spent convinced I had diabetes still affected me.

I’ve never really been super athletic, and I usually cycle through spurts of dedication to fitness, but I never really stick with it.

So I’m trying again, only this time, I’m making it more public than I used to. So many friends and bloggers I follow chronicle their running pursuits online. I never have because I’m not fast. I don’t run for long periods of time. I’m not very good at it. And for someone who is good at most of the things she does, admitting weakness is very, very hard.

I’m not sure yet how exactly I’m going to track this for the tens of people who read this blog, but I’m hoping that more public accountability will help me stay on track.

For now, the goal is to get up to 10K distance by May 24. And I need to be conditioned enough so that I can walk the day after Relay for Life at the end of June.

And I’m going to try to remember that I don’t have to be fast. I just need to learn how to run.

5 thoughts on “Diabetes Fallout

  1. Diabetes? Yuck.

    My dad has had it for almost 20 years and my mom is Diabetes Educator. I really don't like that disease.

    Super happy you are committing to working out! I struggle with a regular plan too.

  2. Love this. Glad you can see again. I'm wanting to do a 10k this year too…can I tag onto your goal?

    My word verification is minga. I think I'll use it in a sentence next time we talk. Be ready for it.

  3. Sherpa–I don't have diabetes, for which I am grateful, but as my previous optometrist was convinced I did have it, it motivated me to be a little more proactive to make sure I'm doing all I can to be healthier.

    Deanne–of course you can tag onto my goal. I called to hear you say minga, but you were too busy putting together a spinning CD. I see how you are.

  4. You can TOTALLY do it!! If I can you can… AND you're going to kick some heinie in that 10k! YOU GO GIRL!! Keep us all updated on your blog… I'M HERE TO CHEER YOU ON!!

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