Pot, Meet Kettle

In a meeting on Friday, I suggested that we ask teachers to reflect on their practices. Specifically, what they do to enhance reading comprehension in their classrooms. I was shocked at a colleague’s suggestion that we make a survey that staff could just “click through,” rather than what I wanted, which was narrative, thoughtful response.

I just don’t want to give them on more thing to do, was the rationale. And that’s when I lost all professional decorum.

How can we demand more from our students if we don’t hold ourselves to the same expectations? Aren’t we all professionals? Don’t most of us have master’s degrees? I’m asking for one paragraph. You’re telling me that’s asking too much?

Written here, these questions might not appear decorum-less. But let me assure you that the longer I ranted, the louder and higher my voice got, and I’m sure my face flushed, and I may or may not have banged my hand on the table for emphasis.

When I set up this blog at the beginning of the year, reflection was its purpose.

Well, I’m reflecting now and I haven’t been doing what my goal intended. I’ve posted about once a week, usually about something that is education-related. But I’m not using this blog to reflect on my teaching practice and how I might get better. Perhaps my rant on Friday was a tad more about self-loathing than it was about frustration with my colleagues wanting to make things easier for our staff.

Well, pot, I’m kettle. Time to do for myself what I wanted to ask of others.

So how did today go? Well, I forgot to plan a class. So when that class started and I reached for my notes and found nothing, I had to wing it. I didn’t ask enough questions. I didn’t let them talk enough. It wasn’t a good day, and I wasn’t at my best.

But here’s one of the many things I love about teaching: no two days are the same. So tomorrow will be better. And I won’t have time to reflect on it immediately, because right after school I teach piano lessons, and right after lessons I’m going to see Mary Poppins. But I’m reflecting now.

Time to practice what I preach.

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