Today’s Best Student

I’ve been dizzy for about two weeks. Some days the dizziness is ever so slight. And other days, well, the whole world is at a 45 degree angle. Today was one of those days. It makes perfect sense: no school on Monday means down time, and down time for me means sickness.

So during 2nd hour today, as my students talked about their plans for the three day weekend, one asked what I’d be doing.

“Probably I’ll be in bed sick. It is a day off, after all.”

And this sweet, sweet student said, “Ms. Rowse, you have to have a little faith. Do you remember the day that you were really sick and you said you wouldn’t be at school the next day? I prayed for you that night* and you felt better the next morning! Remember that?”

“Yes, I do remember that,” I said.

“Well, then I’ll pray again tonight, and you’ll be fine all weekend. You’ll see.”

Regardless of how I end up feeling on Monday, that really short exchange earned immediate admission into the hall of fame.

* I did not violate any law with the whole prayer talk. Kid took it upon himself to pray for me. Rest assured I am still a crazy liberal.

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