Another "Best Of" Series

My two loyal readers were quite fond of my “Best and Worst Dates” series I did over the summer, and one of the two loyal readers suggested I do another series. But I couldn’t think of anything else in my life that would be interesting enough or prolific enough to warrant a whole series.

But there are students.

I’d guess about a thousand at this point–former students, that is. I’ve taught for ten years, so that puts my total probably just near a thousand. I’m sure I can find a handful of “best” students to write about. I won’t write about the worst ones, because I want to try and be positive here, and I’m not going to rank these students like I did the dates. But in the group of a thousand or so former students, several have made a lasting impact on me, each in different ways. How can that be ranked? Right. It can’t be.

So tonight I’ll make a list and brainstorm a little, and start tomorrow night. The goal of this series? To prove that public education isn’t a waste of time, obviously, but also to maybe inspire my two readers (or maybe five) to be a teensy bit better. Because if a kid under 25 can knock my socks off, then there’s hope for us all.

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