It Could Happen Anywhere.

It made national news in a matter of hours, and even though any reporter could swap out city, state, victim and assailant names, this one felt different because it happened here.

I don’t know any staff at Millard South High School, but as a speech coach, I spent 10 hours there once a year at a speech tournament. I know the layout of that building. I’ve walked through the halls, eaten in the cafeteria.

There’s not a word to really describe what I’m feeling. It varies from shock, to disbelief, to fear, to anxiety, but always settles on sorrow.

I go back to school tomorrow, and my students, I’m sure will want to spend a little time talking about it. I resolve to leave them with this message: nothing, nothing, nothing in this world is so unfixable that resorting to violence towards others and ultimately yourself is a viable solution.

Omaha World Herald Story here.

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