Bed Rest.

I was feeling so much better on Friday morning. One student, Wednesday night, said she’s pray for me. Another student, Thursday morning, said that he believed in miracles and he just knew I’d feel better by Friday.

And I did.

But something happened during lunch on Friday. I couldn’t eat. Every bite I attempted resulted in an absolute coughing fit.

And by the end of 6th hour, my throat was so swollen I winced every time I had to swallow and I had the whole fever/chill action going on. So when my 7th hour AP class walked in and I handed out the day’s reading, I really was almost in tears thinking about how I was going to run class. One student said, “Can we just read Huck Finn?”

They have a test over Huck Finn on Monday, and few of them are ready for for it. So I let them read, and I sat at my desk and tried to not die. When the bell rang, I went to the doctor.

The strep test came back negative, and my lungs were clear, but the doctor asked how long I’d been sick.

“10 days.”

He gave me a disapproving look, and a “tsk tsk” under his breath, and asked how many days off I’d taken.

“None….” I said, sheepishly.

Then he explained about the cold virus currently making its way through the city, and how about half the people who get it end up with a sinus infection. That was his diagnosis for me, and he added in an exhaustion diagnosis at no extra charge. The remedy? Z-pack and 2 days of bed rest.

I have never been told by a doctor to rest. But I really like blaming the ExpressCare doc for my behavior this weekend. I’ve done very little, and I am feeling much better.

As long as I don’t do anything for longer than 10 minutes.

One Comment

  1. I can't believe you have never been told by a Dr. to rest before!! Shocking medical care you have been getting all this time! So glad you have a medically mandated reason to rest. I will add my prayers that you return to full health soon. (()))



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