Buddies and Pals

Well, all I have left to do is blog a little something tomorrow and I will have posted every single day for thirty days. Even on days when I was without Internet (thank you, Blackberry) I was able to post.

I’ve never done that before.

November is National Blog Posting Month, or something like that, where the simple goal is to blog every day. Heck, if you count my professional blog, on some days I blogged twice. TWICE!

Now, certainly some days I did not feel much like posting, and had rather valid reasons for not doing so. But I did. Why?

Because my buddy Stueve was posting everyday too. You can check out his blog using the handy link to the left.

And knowing that he, with his teaching and writing and parenting craziness would be posting everyday, motivated me to post everyday. Because he’s a legit writer, which is what I aspire to be.

It’s cliche, but true: buddies help you meet goals.

So thanks, Stueve. Thanks for making me better. If I could remember your Greek God nickname, I’d use it here.

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