Somewhat Superficial

Because I’ll probably take tomorrow’s post a bit seriously, today I’m going to be grateful for some seemingly superficial blessings in my life…

…like Paul Mitchell hair products. I just bought some root lifter and hair spray last night, and my hair looks better today than it has in weeks. I love it.

…and my chiropractor. He had an open appointment today that undid some of the damage I did to my spine in Florida. Schlepping a backpack with a laptop for five days and going on Thunder Mountain really did a number on me. Going to the chiropractor took care of my headache…now to get rid of the nausea and cold symptoms…

…and Bare Minerals Prime Time makeup primer. It really does make a difference. I’ll be waiting for that 15% off coupon I usually get from Sephora to buy more.

…and later tonight I’m sure I’ll be grateful for NyQuil and my humidifier.

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