I’m choosing my words wisely tonight–the pessimist in me has successfully bound and gagged any optimist tendencies I might have. So unfortunately, today’s gratitude is somewhat trite, but it really is genuine:

I really am grateful that I have enough to eat. And that I can buy snacks for my trip that I like–CheezIts, Riesen, Mint Chocolate Hershey Miniatures. Yes, these are luxuries, and I’m glad it’s not too much of a sacrifice to purchase them. They shall keep me quite happy on tomorrow’s flight: 4 hours to Orlando International, then an hour shuttle ride to the resort.

If this wasn’t November, I’d complain about the hour shuttle ride. But instead, I’m going to be grateful that there is a shuttle and that I don’t have to walk.

In fact, I will more than likely post tomorrow from said shuttle…

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