Not My Usual Self

It’s 7:12 PM as I start this post, and here is what I’ve done today:

Dyed my hair
Went to church
Went to my parents’ church (a piano student of mine played in their ward today)
Engaged in professional discourse online
Created a new Twitter account (@MsRowse–it’s a public, professional account)
Began packing for Orlando
Made lasagna
Did dishes

What is missing from this list? Grading. Grading anything.

I will look at my weekend to-do list and decide what can be graded with minimal effort and tackle that before I head to bed.

I think this is the first weekend since school started that I only worked 2 hours. So unusual. But it really does feel quite nice.

I’m grateful for whatever is keeping me from absolutely freaking out over all the work I should have done this weekend. And I’m grateful that I feel as rested as I do.

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