Wow, have I ever neglected this blog recently.

I had a moment of panic last week, because I realized that I signed up to do a weekly blog post on a common topic for several educational bloggers and I never did one.  Not a single one.  Yet my name and website is on a blog somewhere, and people probably visited my blog and thought, “What a slacker.”

I’m okay with that.

All month, I have been writing a daily gratitude post on my personal blog.  November has been unusually difficult for a variety of reasons, and sometimes, I just have to let a few things go.

This was one of those things.

But it was my PEP Goal this year to keep this blog, and to track my hours worked (that just got downright depressing, so I took a break from that too), and keeping to a goal is important. 

I once went golfing with some colleagues.  I am a horrible golfer, but one of the teachers in my foursome said all that mattered was making “forward progress.”  I’m transferring that advice to my goals.  Rather than look back at the past couple of weeks and lament about my weaknesses, I’m looking forward.

I’ll likely have a lot to blog about this week–I leave for NCTE in Orlando on Wednesday.  I expect to be overwhelmed and exhausted the entire trip, but I also expect to meet incredible people and learn quite a bit.

Perhaps it’s just what I need to reboot.

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