I’m grumpy right now. Not feeling much gratitude for anything. No particular reason…

Except for the Kohl’s checker who failed to tell me I was $1.50 away from earning $10 in Kohl’s cash; the hems of my jeans are wet; due to the snow, the cable signal wasn’t strong enough to TiVo The Soup (in fact, the snow has killed the cable); I have emails from panicked students about their research outlines (due at 10 pm); and let’s not forget the brain trust meteorology team who said, in the 6:00 broadcast, that the Omaha metro wouldn’t see any snow at all. When I left for Kohl’s at 8:30, I cleared almost 3 inches of snow from my car.

I’m just grumpy.

But I need to be grateful through the grump. So.

**It’s Friday. I have bacon in the fridge, waffles in the freezer, and I’m sleeping in a little bit tomorrow.

**I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I like Saturday appointments, because then my hair looks good for a whole day.

**I don’t pay for heat anymore, so I don’t have to bundle up and keep the thermostat to 65 like I did last winter. It’s quite nice to come home and be instantly warm instead of waiting 45 minutes for the place to heat up.

And with that, I’m going to bed. Maybe some sleep will cure the grumps.

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