Taking Notice

I went through my whole day, thinking that I needed to pay more attention to good things that happen. And now it’s time to find something to be grateful for, and all I can do is focus on what I’m failing at.

Instead of being grateful that I got to spend 30 minutes with my sister and her family at a local restaurant, all I see is how often I let unimportant things (like 27 research papers) get in the way of being a good aunt and sister.

Instead of being grateful for my students (who really are often quite sweet), all I see is how I’m failing them because I don’t have eight hours a day to grade their writing.

Instead of being grateful for the gorgeous, gorgeous fall weather we have, all I see is, well, I see nothing, because my room has no windows and it now gets dark at 4:30.

But I am grateful for good friends like Kim and Nikki who provide me with a completely safe haven at school when I’m at my breaking point. And I am grateful I got to at least see my nieces and nephew and listen to them jabber and wish my niece good luck in her concert tonight.

Life could be so much worse…I’m grateful it’s not.


One Comment

  1. The kids loved having you stop by. You are a super fun aunt & we love it anytime your craziness allows you to play!!

    And I'm glad you didn't come to the concert. Having you say hi at dinner was much better for the kids…and MUCH better on your sanity!! 🙂



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