We have a ridiculous fabulous mandatory 35 minute study hall at the end of the day, affectionately called GPS: Guided Personalized Study. In theory, each GPS has no more than 15 students and the purpose is to provide additional help to struggling students.

Last year, my GPS was a horrible way to end my day. The students didn’t bring work, needed constant reminding to be quiet, and often made me feel like a glorified babysitter.

I was really dreading GPS this year.

But I forget that the Law of Averages sometimes works in my favor, and this year, my GPS is adorable.

They can get out of hand from time to time, but for the most part, they do homework, they read, they ask me for help, and at least once a week we talk about football. It’s a good group of kids I have this year, and strangely enough, today I am grateful for my GPS.

Don’t tell my principal.

Also, grateful for fire alarms–and for 15 minutes in the sunshine while the smoke cleared from a small science debacle. No one was hurt, no damage, but it’s nice to know the school smoke detectors are just as sensitive as my apartment’s.

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