What The Kids Said

So I asked the kiddos how they might fix public education.  Here are some of their responses.

  • Longer school days
  • Fire teachers who aren’t willing to do their jobs
  • Year round school
  • Pay kids to improve achievement
  • Raise standards–no more Ds
  • Students and parents need an attitude change
  • Higher expectations

And of course there were the less logical, more absurd comments:

  • Cut required classes: English isn’t “necisarry” past 8th grade.
  • Get rid of History
  • Shorter school days
  • Put cameras in classrooms to make sure teachers are doing their jobs

I was surprised at how many of them wanted high standards, longer school days, and a longer school year.  I was surprised at how many of them held themselves and their parents accountable. 

And honestly, I was surprised that so few of them blamed teachers.

Maybe we should put kids in charge of education policy.

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