Twitter Tuesday

There’s a lot out there today, with NBC pimping “Education Nation” all over its family of networks…(example: I TiVoed Matt Lauer’s interview with the President on USA. It was also available on SyFy. Like the SyFy brand doesn’t say enough about the devaluing of spelling…)

But I’ve sifted through the 60 some people I follow on Twitter to bring you what I think are a couple worthwhile pieces of reading…

From @kimbultsma: a somber tale of the devastating psychological effects of test scores and labeling.

From @mcleod: a cautionary tale of the important task of teaching appropriate Internet use…because even grown-ups don’t always get it.

From @educollaborators: a helpful tale of how to use Wordle.  Did you know you can turn a Wordle into a mug?

Here’s a teaser to come back this week… with all the talk about education reform, I haven’t seen a whole lot of people talking to who it affects most: the kids.

So I asked them today, after watching a couple of clips from Oprah’s 9/20 show, what they would do to improve education. Their responses might surprise you, and at least one will make you laugh.

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