Twitter Tuesday–Bonus Edition

As promised earlier in the week, a bonus post of interesting finds on Twitter!

If you aren’t following @mcleod, you should be.  He regularly tweets articles and events focused on education reform. I think I want to be him when I grow up.

From @mashable and the Department of the Obvious comes research from Harvard: apparently, teens lack ethics online.

I was directed to this great blog post by @mcleod–how to go beyond the buzz words and prepare students for the future.

It seems that Ms. Winfrey and the New York/L.A. release of Waiting for Superman has sparked quite the firestorm–and I’m glad for that.  Constructive dialogue often emerges from catalysts like this.  So if you are a current or former educator, or have valuable ideas about education reform, mark your calendars for this: a nationwide blogging day for serious educators.

See ya Tuesday…


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