Twitter Tuesday

Twitter was all, uh, a-twitter today, and really, this week.  So much so that I’m completely overwhelmed in choosing what to post.  It doesn’t help that I spent all day at the 21st Century Skills Fair, where I was overwhelmed with information that I want to share.  And since that is fresh on my mind, today’s Twitter Tuesday is a selection of links I learned about today…

For all you Mac users AND Star Wars fans: a way to mimic Star Wars credits in any presentation

If a site is blocked at school, put it into this search engine, and maybe you’ll find a suitable substitute.

A conference that won’t cost hotel or food: the K12 Online Conference in October.

And a “wayback machine.”  Pretty cool.

I have much more to share–plan on a bonus edition later this week that will include a recent Harvard study, commentary on what 21st century skills really mean, and one or two additional goodies.


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