Oops, I Might Be Crazy

About three weeks ago, as I laid on the couch fighting for my sinus’ life, my phone rang. The caller ID showed a Utah phone number, and since I hadn’t gone to church, I thought perhaps someone from my new ward was calling to check on me.

Instead, a bubbly voice breathlessly explained that we had a mutual friend and he told her to look me up when she moved to Omaha. Which she had recently done. And so she was following his advice and calling to see if I’d like to get together.

“Wellb, I’b pretty sick right nowb. Cad I call you laterb?”

She said I could, and it took me three weeks, but we finally met tonight at Jones Brothers Cupcake Company.

(Total rip-off, those cupcakes…I cannot believe I paid $2.95 for a Red Velvet Cupcake that had non-descript taste, disintegrated into crumbs by merely looking at it, and was topped with relatively tasteless cream cheese frosting. But I digress.)

She said I looked familiar, and I shared the hunch I had when she first called me: I knew her sister when I lived in Salt Lake and had helped her move from Salt Lake to Bountiful.

So we talked about our jobs and life as single Mormon women, and I had a really nice time.

But pieces of the conversation are coming back to me now, and I think she may have walked away from the Rip-Off Cupcake Factory thinking, “Oh my. He put me in touch with a crazy person.”

The highlights:
**Ward-shop before you find a place to live, because some wards are better than others at incorporating single members.

**Omaha is the murder capital of the world.

**Online dating = hell

And not long after she told me that she doesn’t like it when people friend her on Facebook after little contact, I said, “I’ll send you a friend invite and we can keep in touch that way.”

(In my defense–she did ask if I was on Facebook…)

And after I told her I’d send her a friend request, she said, “Or email, I’m on email all the time…”

Oy. Miss social cues much?

(Again, in my defense–I was exhausted, anxious about all the work I had yet to do, and mildly irritated at the rip-off cupcake. The combination may have clouded my judgment a tad.)

I’ve had my fair share of outings with people where I walk away thanking my lucky stars I don’t have to see them again.

So I suppose it’s just karma that someone left my company tonight thanking her lucky stars she doesn’t have to see me again.

I hope that’s not the case, because she really was quite nice and enjoyable to hang out with.

But if we do hang out again, we will not be getting cupcakes.

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