Two for One–Your Fault Cross Post

I posted this on my personal blog too, because I feel that the six people who read that blog and the six people who read this blog all needed to know where I stand.

The cover of Time Magazine this week teases a 16 page report on the status of education in America.  The catalyst for this article is the upcoming documentary Waiting for Superman, in which David Guggenheim tracks students waiting selection in a charter school lottery, because the public school options are so horrific.

I’m still digesting the Time articles, but just like with any discussion in education, it ends up sounding like this scene from Into the Woods



My own current dilemma is that I tend to side with the reformers.  Going public with this agreement will not make me popular, but the longer I teach, the more I believe that as a whole, some teachers unions are more concerned with preserving job security than with doing what’s right for kids. Honestly, the union in Utah is one of the factors that contributed to my departure.

Who’s to blame for the current state of public education?  All accused parties are culpable.  Teachers, parents, students, politicians, administrators–we’re all part of the problem.  But until we all quit the finger pointing and absolving ourselves of responsibility, nothing will change.  Nothing.

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