If It’s Not Written Down…

Every day I make a to-do list.

I love my Crackberry, and I love my Google Calendar, but there is something so satisfying about physically crossing off completed tasks. So throughout the day, I add items to my to-do list.

I write down which students are coming in for help after school or during study hall. I write down which piano lessons I have to teach that day.
Anything that must get done, I add to my list and when it’s done, I cross it off.

Several times today, students said or did things that made me think, “That is blog-worthy. I have to remember that.” But I didn’t write any of them down, so here I am, the only thing left on my to-do list is writing a blog post, and I can’t think of anything interesting to share.

But I do have a piece of advice that has never failed me:
If you want to remember to do something, write it down.

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