Twitter Tuesday

From @mashable: why you absolutely must know about social media to stay relevant…it's not going away.

From @ted_com: Sugata Mitra on technology's impact on education in developing countries.

And then from @henryjenkins: how New Media Literacies, or 21st Century Skills aren't solely about being able to use an iPod or computer.

From the New York Times: can teachers actually run a school?

And in other news…

Since I am still part of the evaluation cycle in my building, I have to set a Personalized Enrichment Plan, which is essentially setting a goal for the year.  I set two this year.  First, to limit my time working to 60 hours a week.  Second, to maintain an education-focused blog–which I had already decided to do.

Cutting my hours to 60 might take some practice at first, but I'm ready for the challenge.  Stay tuned to see how I do…

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