Twitter Tuesday

Oh my, have I been neglectful.  But I was sick last week and focused on getting home, sleeping, and getting well.  It worked–I’ve never in my life recovered from an illness as quickly as I did last week.  On to the goods…although it’s been another paltry week for educators on Twitter, so I’ve included quality finds from my RSS Feed as well.

From @unometlink, a conference for people interested in non-profits…like the school some colleagues and I dream of starting one day…

From Huffington Post, commentary about what future journalists REALLY should study in college.

From @ted_com, a different take on how we define progress and what makes life worthwhile.

And something I’m thinking about doing…you know, Julie Rowse, B.S., M.A., G.C.T.

Tomorrow is September 1st, which means three weeks from today is my debut as a session presenter at ESU #3.  I’ll post the PowerPoint here after the presentation.  Session title: “Extending the Classroom with Social Networking.”  Here’s the blurb I wrote for it:

.Students who enroll in college are often expected to engage in online discussion and collaboration, but rarely do high school educators prepare students for this type of discourse.  “Extending the Classroom With Social Networking” will offer participants several options for teaching and encouraging student participation outside the traditional classroom environment.  While the presentation will focus mostly on how to safely and effectively use Facebook with classes, other platforms such as Ning and Posterous will also be highlighted.


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